About Us

About Us

Greetings and welcome to Seattle Eats. Seattle Eats is a restaurant company dedicated to its people, a passion for cooking, and exploring worldly flavors, creating a vibrant & uncommonly delicious restaurant experience.

The driving spirit behind Seattle Eats is its commitment to “build community” one relationship at a time. This is cultivated through each restaurant’s well-crafted recipe of integrity where each ingredient is a powerful component to the success and vision of Seattle Eats.

Creative and delicious food & beverage is only the beginning, knowledgeable & personalized customer service, focused & visionary leadership, extraordinary support to employees and social responsibility are all key ingredients to building a successful company and a growing community.

Creative and Delicious Food & Beverage – A great deal of research goes into preparing each menu at our restaurants. Our Chefs and managers travel to various parts of the world learning about ancient and not so ancient cultures, their indigenous ingredients and cooking methods. Continued culinary training and education are also key for a solid creative foundation.

Knowledgeable & Personalized Customer Service comes from a culture of support. Seattle Eats nurtures a culture of care and respect for its staff. In addition, our servers participate in regular menu tastings with the Chef, Owners and Management team, providing valuable feedback on each new menu item as well as wine pairings and cocktails designed for our regional menus. Their experience from these tastings is passed on to our customers and we hope it inspires a newly found hunger for this new palette of flavors.

Visionary Leadership – Seattle Eats is a forward-looking company with a creative culture and a strong focus on its community vision. We believe in developing our people, sharing knowledge, and listening to new ideas.

To build community we have to be socially responsible. That begins with trust.

Easier said than done; starting with our attention to culinary detail to supporting the health of our ocean’s fisheries. It means sourcing fresh, quality ingredients and then preparing them in front of our customers, honestly, in our open kitchens. On a more local scale, our efforts to strengthen community can be seen in our working relationships with our area vendors, fundraising for our neighborhood schools, supporting local artists, community organizations, and charities. Our composting and recycling program is the first step toward leaving behind a smaller footprint.

Thanks for your interest in Seattle Eats.

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